Brushed Kodiac Brown Granite

Kodiak Brown Granite is an exceptional granite with coloring in the mid-toned, brownish-black hues and an appealing visual texture that is not overpowering, yet still striking in the way it catches and reflects light.


Often compared to Antique Brown, this deep, dark granite with a pronounced mineral structure and a perfectly homogenous, medium- to large-grain pattern is more chip-resistant and maintains superior durability.

Granite is a very hard, crystalline, igneous rock that comes in many different colors. Granite is generally considered a durable stone—it’s very dense and acid-resistant. The density means it’s far less likely to scratch than softer stones (such as marble or soapstone), and it’s less likely to stain, too.




Exterior use, Interior use

Use Case

Bathroom, Kitchen

Color of stone may vary from your screen. To see actual stone color, please visit one of our locations.