About Us

Lang Stone is Columbus’ premier provider of fabrication, distribution and technical expertise for stone, granite, marble and building products.

We offer Ohio’s best selection of stone, ranging from decorative gravels and aggregates to wall stone, flagging and dimensional stone. Lang Stone continues to be an industry leader after more than 165 years in business.

Leading the Industry

We use state-of-the-art fabrication equipment to ensure quality and consistency. And our touch-screen computerized sawing operation guarantees accuracy. Our CNC computer-operated router produces efficient and accurate radius and free-form cutting (for bowl cut outs and round tops). We also provide automated edging and bull-nosing machines to cut and polish detail edges on straight tops. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality stone from fabrication to install.

Our Drafting Department

Our drafting department works with architects, builders, masonry, contractors and homeowners to provide design options and produce scaled, fully detailed drawings for fabrication and installation. We operate with state-of-the-art computer-assisted design art (CAD) that can take any sketch or architectural rendering and produce exact, detailed drawings with on-site trades and other field conditions highlighted.

Our Quarry

We quarry several products from Ohio limestone and sandstone deposits. Partnering with these local sources allows Lang Stone to readily access the types, colors and styles of stones from our local market.

Our History

With a legacy to quality stone work and a commitment to service, its no surprise that Lang Stone’s 160 years as America’s oldest stone company is only the beginning of their history carved in stone.


Humble Beginnings

Bachenau, Germany

Mathias Lang, the oldest son to parents who owned a thriving stone quarry was born. He was taught the art of hand-carving stone with the expectations to one day assuming the family business. But after his father died suddenly at age 40, the family business slipped away and Mathias joined the military.


A New Start
At age 20, Mathias decided to begin a new life in America and settled in Columbus in where is now known as German Village. He married Petronella Trott, a widow with six children and using his skills as a stonecutter, Matthias built the family house at 229 Beck Street in German Village. The cut stone steps with cheek blocks and carved stone lintels were typical of the architecture in German Village. The home was a part of the Lang Family until 1964.


The Stonecutter

German Village

Matthias is first listed in the city directory as a stonecutter and contractor, thus the founding of Lang Stone. Most of the stone used to build German Village was carried by buckboard from Lang's Stone Yard using huge horse-drawn carts with small wheels and wide iron tires, Matthias and Lang Stone hauled the rough stone in and cut stone out.


Premier Stone Supplier

South 5th Street and Jackson

The Lang Stone Yard was located at the corner of South 5th Street and Jackson Street, just a stone’s throw from the family house. He was often hired for major building projects in Columbus such as furnishing and laying of stone for the Ohio State House and many area schools, public buildings and churches.


A Family Tradition

Lang Company

Matthias’ sons Edward and Charles carried on the family trade and changes the business’ name to E&C Lang Company. Charles later added general contracting to the company’s list of services and the business was renamed a second time to Charles J. Lang Company, General Contractor and Cut Stone.


A 3rd Generation
Charles’s son Alphonse (Al) took over the company and continued to grow the family’s stone business.


A 4th Generation

South 5th Street and Jackson

Al’s son-in-law, E. Dean Coffman, who became the company president, joined Lang Stone. Al’s only child and Dean’s wife, JoAnn was also active in the company and kept the Lang tradition alive through introducing the business to their six children at an early age.


A Long Devotion

Brewery District

Al moved the stone company to its current location at 707 Short Street in what is now the Brewery District. Al’s devotion to this trade was always apparent and he worked in the stone yard until two days before his death at the age of 87 in 1989.


A 5th Generation
Two of Al’s granddaughters – Joan Coffman First and Lori Coffman Palmer, lead the company and continue to keep the Lang Stone tradition alive. With modernizations through computers and other technology, as well as the addition of the 12,000 square-foot building on East 5th Avenue for the granite and marble fabrication, much has changed in the stone business, but the products and quality of Lang Stone are unchanged.
Our Locations

Lang Stone offers two locations serving both sides of the stone business – interior and exterior products, the company has nearly quadrupled in size over the last decade. We quarry, fabricate and distribute a full line of natural stone products from around the world and ship product to companies throughout the United States.

Lang Stone Yard in the Brewery District

The Lang Stone Yard in Columbus has long served as the stone yard for all exterior project stone for more than 55 years. With a variety of dimensional stone, veneer stone, landscape stone and accents, decorative gravels and more, the Lang Stone Yard is here to serve our customers.

If picking up your material, the Yard staff will assist with the loading of palletized and bulk materials. And for deliveries, we are staffed with a variety of fleet of vehicles including trucks equipped with forklifts to place stone exactly where it is needed. These trucks can carry up to 15 tons of material and are best used for palletized materials and 3,000 pound (bagged) bulk aggregates. Our dump trucks can deliver stone and aggregates in quantities up to 20 tons and we also offer delivery to construction sites and curbside via our Boom truck.


707 Short St. Columbus, OH 43215

Lang Stone Granite Sales, Inventory, Fabrication and Interior Finishes

Our granite and marble showroom location is also where majority of the company leadership are based, as well as all granite, marble and other interior finish products.

Our showroom includes a variety of stone products to view and touch, as well as room to understand and determine finishing details among other elements. Customers working with our specialists to determine stone layout will get a hands-on experience in our fabrication area.


4099 E. 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43219

Coming to look in person?

For Landscape & Exterior Products - head to Short St

707 Short St, Columbus, OH 43215
8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For Granite, Quartz & Other Interior Products - head to 5th Ave

4099 E. 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43219
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.