How to Care for Stone Countertops

How to preserve the beauty of your natural stone or quartz countertops.

Maintaining natural stone or quartz in your home requires simple steps to ensure the long term beauty of the product. It is naturally low maintenance and can be best cared for with mild soap and water.

The final installation step of natural stone is to apply a 15 year impregnating sealer. Quartz materials do not require sealing due to its high density and nonporous qualities.

For Stains

The use of harsh chemicals can increase the likelihood of stains. Any spills, rings from wine, citric foods or other acid based products should be quickly cleaned up. Surface stains can often be removed by cleaning with an appropriate cleaning product or mild soap and water. Contact Lang Stone for assistance on identifying and removing the stain.

For Scratches

While the surfaces are scratch resistant, they are not indestructible. We highly recommend using a cutting board, coaster or trivet, at all times. Using coasters for drinks is also recommended. Avoid using knives or sharp objects directly on countertops.

Abrasive Cleaners

Do not use any abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads and never use acidic cleaners. Anything with alkaline chemicals (acetone, caustic soda, etc.), pure ammonia or ammonia based cleaners, wax-based polishes or steel solvents should not be used on natural stone or quartz. Cleaning tools like steel wool pads or scrubbing pads should never be used. Use of abrasive cleaners may void your warranty.

Important Tips

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