How to Care for Stone Countertops

Granite does not scratch or chip easily, but it is possible. Marble is a softer stone and can scratch or chip easier than granite. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the care and maintenance.

After Installation

Following the installation of Granite or Marble we first recommend keeping the installed material dry for a period of 24 hours. This give the sealer time to dry and soak into the surface of the stone. You can, however set things (such as small appliances, decorations, etc.) back on your countertop immediately after the installation.

Cleaning Products
The granite/marble/quartz can be cleaned with soap and water or any granite/marble/quartz cleaner. We recommend a daily cleaning product. These products can be found at either of our Lang Stone locations or most retail stores. We do not recommend using household cleaners (such as Windex or Fantastic, etc.) due to the chemicals they contain. These chemicals can dull the surface of the countertop surface.
About Sealer
Lang Stone uses a 15-year sealer, so no sealing should be necessary for quite awhile. If you notice areas that may need touch up sealing, there is a one-year sealer available at Lang Stone. If you notice that the surface of your stone is beginning to absorb water and the water is not beading up, it may be time to seal your stone again.