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Overhang Support

There are three types of countertop support systems. Either is acceptable and depends on the desired design to be achieved.

The most important part is that the countertop overhang has proper support as it extends from the cabinet or knee wall. Proper support will help prevent tipping or stress to the countertop.

The first and more popular are hidden support brackets. The second are the decorative corbels either metal or wood.

Flat Bracket

Flat Bracket





Either system provides sufficient structural support for the countertop.

The type of support and number of supports needed depends on the material and length of the extended unsupported countertop.

There may be some exceptions to the countertop support requirement when the overhang is less than ten inches. This may occur when a natural stone is selected that may be extremely fragile.

Bracket Size Determination

Overhang Min.

Overhang Max

Countertop Bracket 12”



Countertop Bracket 15”



Countertop Bracket 20”



Island Bracket 33”



Cantilevered Weight Offset
A 36″ wide Top on a 24″ Base Cabinet satisfies the 2/3 – 1/3 Rule as well as satisfying the cantilevered weight offset. When the desired overhang is greater than 1/3 of the Top, Brackets are required to support the overhang. However, this may not satisfy the cantilevered weight offset. At some point there is too much weight cantilevered and may pull a cabinet or wall over unless the base is well secured. This cantilevered weight is not limited to of the weight of the top but could be compromised by a persons weight or articles placed on the top causing a tipping point.
Bracket Requirements

Minimum of 2-Brackets
Set Brackets 12″ from each end of Top and then every 16″ to 24″ on center
Calculator: Number of Brackets= (Length divided by 24″) + 1-Bracket

Please note that when it comes to ledges on knee wall or half wall, generally speaking, the 2/3rd rule does not apply, and bracket support are almost always needed.

Note: Additional brackets may be needed due to the amount of overhang and fragility of the material as determined by the Lang Stone Drafting or Installation Team. When working with Lang Stone there is no requirement as to who supplies and/or installs countertop brackets.

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