Soapstone Black

An elegant, durable, and subtle black with grey vein stone.

A very nice “ash gray” soapstone with distinctive veins before mineral oil treatment.Once mineral oil is applied, the gray darkens considerably enhancing the unique veins.

Soapstone’s nonporous quality makes it bacteria resistant, so harsh cleaners are not needed. Soap and water are all that’s recommended. If there is one maintenance issue with soapstone, it may be its softness and susceptibility to scratches and nicks. You can protect the surface by using cutting boards. And the good news is that user-caused imperfections generally can be removed, as mentioned above, with a quick sandpaper buffing. No professional repairs required.




Interior use

Use Case

Bathroom, Kitchen

Color of stone may vary from your screen. To see actual stone color, please visit one of our locations.

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