Natural Cleft Bluestone

A blue to green quartzite sandstone with occasional brown and lilac colorations.


This stone is a natural cleft material. It is frequently used for patio paving and step tread applications. The natural cleft surface gives good traction and a subtle, rustic feeling that blends well with the outdoors.

12 x 12 12 x 18 12 x 24 12 x 30 12 x 36
18 x 18 18 x 24 18 x 30 18 x 36
24 x 24 24 x 30 24 x 36

Compressive Strength: 18,255 psi (across strata)
Absorption: 1.21%
Finish: Natural cleft
Thickness: 1″(+ or -)
Nominal Joint Size: 1/2″
Type: Sandstone
Packaged: Palletized


Browns, Greys

Use Case

Paths & Walkways, Patios


Exterior use

Works with...

Color of stone may vary from your screen. To see actual stone color, please visit one of our locations.

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