Flagging & Steppers Estimating Guide
Types of Stone

Flagging: refer to large flat pieces of stone suitable for patios and paths. Depth of the stone is typically 1” to 3”

Pattern Flagging: flagging that is sawn into specific size squares and rectangles. Pattern flagging is laid in patterns creating a more formal, regular appearance.

Irregular Flagging: completely irregular shapes that typically come in large surface sizes. Irregular flagging creates a more informal appearance.

Steppers: smaller flat pieces of stone suitable for paths, although can be used in a patio. Steppers only come in irregular shapes.

Joints: the space between the stone. Joint sizes can be increased to increase coverage. The larger the joint size, the more informal the appearance of the path or patio.

Estimating Guide



Irregular Bluestone: 1.5” – 3” 


Tumbled Bluestone Flagging: Irregular 1.5” – 2”




Ottawa Buff Smooth Flagging: Irregular 1” – 2”


Ottawa Buff Smooth Flagging: Irregular 2” -3”


Ottawa Brown Flagging: Irregular 2” -3”


Ottawa Buff Rustic Flagging: Irregular 1” -3”


Ottawa Blue-Red Flagging: Iregular 1” -3”


Ottawa Buff Smooth Steppers: 1” – 2”


Ottawa Buff Rustic Steppers: 1” -2”


Split Granite Pavers: 5”


5×5, 5×10 Tumbled Cobblestones 5”