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Dos and Don’ts of Natural Paver Stone
Help keep your natural stone pavers healthy and vibrant!

Lang Stone wants to ensure the longevity of your products - so much so that we often say you’ll be ready to replace it long before it actually needs to be replaced! To help keep your natural stone pavers healthy and vibrant long after installation, follow these few simple tips.

  • Avoid walking on your new patio for 24-36 hours
  • Before using any cleaners or other cleaning solutions, test a small, hidden area to ensure you like the result
  • Be mindful of how much pressure your power washer is putting on your stone. Many can be too powerful and potentially cause damage to the stone surface and the joints
  • Regularly clean your patio with water using a soft-bristled brush
  • Gently clear snow from your patio using a broom
  • Blow off of stone fallen leaves within a few days of the leaves falling
  • Use acid, including vinegar, lemon juice and muriatic acid to clean your natural paving stone
  • Use a metal-tip snow shovel, wire brush or other abrasive instrument to clear or clean your stone
  • Use weed killers or fertilizer products on the natural stone
  • Leave metal patio furniture or materials on your natural stone for long periods of time. Plastic and rubber foot covers can be purchased for metal patio furniture at most home improvement stores.

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