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Veneer Stone

Natural Stone has been the building stone of choice for centuries. For places of importance, significant public works, buildings and homes, natural stone is the material of choice.

Today, natural stone remains a popular building veneer and interior finish. Modern quarrying techniques continue to improve the affordability of stone while at the same time introducing a wider variety of stone types to our market.

Veneer Stone forms the visible exterior of walls in homes and buildings, as well as fireplaces, garden walls and piers. In its earliest form,the walls for a structure were built by dry fitting or laying one stone across the joint of two stones, course after course. Once the stone was properly positioned, it’s there for centuries.

Today, Veneer Stone often covers concrete block wall, and has gaps between the stones filled with mortar. Properly chosen and installed, it will be pleasing and permanent.

Mother Nature often changes the inventory available. Many of the veneer products can also be blended together for a totally unique application and appearance.

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