Wallstone Estimating Guide
Type of Stone

Naturally shaped stones, cut from the top layers in a quarry, they are hand selected for size and generally need some shaping. Thin stones have a more natural, rustic appearance, and for the most part, are native to Ohio.

These pre-split stones are split to proper depth for use in a wall, assuring maximum coverage and reduced installation time. Cut Dry Walls deliver a more finished or formal appearance. Standard depth is 8”.

Estimating Guide
Stone 6” Depth, Square feet of wall per ton 8” Depth, Square feet of wall per ton 12” Depth, Square feet of wall per ton 
Thin WallstoneDo Not Use20-2212-14
Cut Dry Wall – Limestone28-3020-2212-14
Cut Dry Wall – Sandstone32-3423-2514-16

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