Ottawa® Buff Slabs

A light buff stone that is typically very flat and perfect for garden accents, paths, and steps.

Ottawa® Buff Slabs tend to be rather square to the tops, which gives this stone a proud look, reminiscent of the Niagara Escarpment from which this stone originates. They are great for small groupings as a garden accent or for stacking into a casual wall.

Thickness: 4″ to 12″ thick
Size: 6″ – 1′ x 1′ – 2′ depth and length
Color: Light buff to tan
Type: Limestone


Browns, Greys

Use Case

Garden & Retaining Walls, Garden Features, Paths & Walkways, Steps


Exterior use

Color of stone may vary from your screen. To see actual stone color, please visit one of our locations.

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