Lang Stone

Types of Veneer Stone

The individual Veneer Stones offered by Lang Stone are organized within these categories.

Split Veneer

The classic building stone, Split Veneer is stone that has been sorted from the quarry, and mechanically split or shaped within a range of size preferred for masonry walls. Depth is typically 3"-6", height is determined by the natural bed seam in the quarry, and length will vary. This allows a skilled installer many options.

Natural Thin Veneer

Real stone, but the back has been sawn off to reduce weight and ease installation. Though more expensive than a split veneer, Natural Thin Veneer is easier to install, and is an excellent choice for covering an existing structure where adding a supporting foundation is cost prohibitive.

Split Faced Veneer

Stone is sawn on the beds to specific heights & lengths, and the face is split on a mechanical splitter or by hand providing a natural quarry texture. This can result in a more formal look.

Random Veneer Stones

This is more of a catchall category that includes stone that is sorted but not mechanically split such as Webb Wall or Top Rock,granite boulders, and split granite boulders. Stone from this category usually results in a more rustic look.