Lang Stone

Importance of Proper Installation

We believe masonry is both an art and a craft. A talented stonemason can do amazing and creative things with good stone. The more you understand the difference between good and poor stonework, the more you will appreciate and value a skilled mason.

We think good stonework includes a pleasing laying pattern (even a random pattern should have a continuity), small joints, and the right stone in the right place. Stone should not look as though it is floating in a sea of mortar. Keep in mind the mortar application and color may also affect the appearance of the stone and ultimately the installation.

Check the pictures of stone homes in our Design Gallery, and drive around the classic inner suburbs of Columbus, Ohio or view stone homes in your area.

Ultimately, the final look of the stonework you have commissioned will depend on the craftsmanship of the masonry contractor that does the installation. We would be pleased to recommend the skilled masons we work with on a regular basis.