Lang Stone

Flagging & Steppers

Flagging: refer to large flat peices of stone suitable for pations and paths. Depth of the stone is typically 1” to 3”

Pattern Flagging: flagging that is sawn into specific size squares and rectangles. Pattern flagging is laid in patterns creating a more formal, regular appearance.

Irregular Flagging: ompletely irregular shapes that typically come in large surface sizes. Irregular flagging creates a more informal appearance.

Steppers: smaller flat peices of stone suitable for paths, although can be used in a patio. Steppers only come in irregular shapes.

Joints: the space between the stone. Joint sizes can be increased to increase coverage. The larger the joint size, the more informal the appearance of the path or pation.



Irregular Bluestone: 1.5” - 3” 


Tumbled Bluestone Flagging: Irregular 1.5” - 2”




Ottawa Buff Smooth Flagging: Irregular 1” - 2”


Ottawa Buff Smooth Flagging: Irregular 2” -3”


Ottawa Brown Flagging: Irregular 2” -3”


Ottawa Buff Rustic Flagging: Irregular 1” -3”


Ottawa Blue-Red Flagging: Iregular 1” -3”


Ottawa Buff Smooth Steppers: 1” - 2”


Ottawa Buff Rustic Steppers: 1” -2”


Split Granite Pavers: 5”


5x5, 5x10 Tumbled Cobblestones 5”